Jaleo Restaurant by Chef Jose Andrews in Disney Springs Review

March 25, 2019 by Cheryl Echevarria

Recently, Nelson and I went to the grand opening of the newest restaurant in Disney Springs, located at Walt Disney World, Jaleo

Jaleo, is the 5th restaurant by Celebrity Chef José Andrés to open in the U.S. and it is now the largest one as well.C

Celebrity Chef and founder of World Central Kitchen, a non-profit devoted to providing meals in the wake of natural disasters including hurricane Irma in Puerto Rico and most recently in Nebraska with the Tornado that destroyed that part of our country. He has been awarded the
2015 National Humanities Medal and has now 5 restaurants of Jaleo including the one we enjoyed located in Washington, D.C: Las Vegas; Bethesda, MD; Crystal City, VA; and to open soon in Dubai

Located in the West Side of Disney Springs, is the brand new red and white or rather off white building of Jaleo. Jaleo in Spanish means – Fuss, and they do make a fuss over you.

A little bit on us about this, since we were looking forward to this restaurant opening, is that we are big foodies!! Being in the travel industry not only do you need to travel and recommend places and activities, but also knowing the food and enjoying it or giving a rewview is important as well.

As of right now, since the upstairs of the restaurant is still not totally finished, is that hours are 5 PM – 11 PM Sunday – Thursday; Friday and Saturday 5 PM – 12 AM. We highly recommend, that if you have the Disney Dining Plan with your Disney Vacation Package, that you make reservations way ahead of time. This is a new restaurant, it was packed. Without a reservation and we were there at opening, we got a 30-45 minute wait. It was well worth the wait.

The restaurant is decorated in a very modern pinkish color, and wood. While you are waiting they have a number of bars that you can sit at and have various cocktails. We both had a glass of Sangria, which is red sweet wine from Spain. It is served with fruit in the glass, which ours had slice of lemon, twist of orange peel, sprig of mint and fresh raspberry. Yummy!

Sangria - Spanish Sweet red wine with raspberry, orange peel, lemon slice and mint

Cheryl Echevarria holding glass with Sangria in it.
Cheryl Echevarria holding Sangria

They also present the famous leg of Jamon, which is Spanish cured ham, similar to a prosciutto in Italy. Depending on how long it is cured, the stronger the taste.

Jamon presented a Jaleo

Also, you can walk around the restaurant while you are waiting to see the chefs cooking over wood burning coals the paellas and other traditional foods.

We were seating in the Lake Front area of the restaurant, which is outside on the patio, where you can overlook Disney’s Lake Buena Vista, where you can see the resort Saratoga Springs across the water, the boat shuttles to the different resorts go by and the Amphicars.

What a nice and relaxing areas.

Okay for the food, you need to understand in Spain, they have small plates called tapas, you order 3-5 different plates of food and share or not share, lol, but you traditionally would order jamon plate, vegetable plate, a meat plate and then have paella. We had it all accept for the Jamon, I wanted to wait on that.

First plate was a wonderful Endive salad, which was endive stuffed with oranges, goat cheese, and almonds. This was really nice, it had the slight crunchy taste of the endive (which is from lettuce family), with the sweet taste of the oranges and the funky taste of the goat cheese, and top it with those yummy almonds, it was a really nice and different bite of food.

Endive Salad
First course endive salad

Second course was Carne Asada which is Grilled flat iron steak with confit piquillo peppers . The steak was cooked to a perfect medium rare, sitting on a bed of the peppers, gave it a nice sweet taste, and moist. You don’t need a knife just pop in your mouth, and let it flow.

Finally the star of the meal, Paella! Each night there are 2 different options they make a total of 4 different ones, but we had the one with Shrimp and Squid. You don’t see the squid, and I really like it, if made right. This definitely did not disappoint. Served over perfectly cooked al dente Bomba rice from Valencia or Calasparra from Murcia are the best to absorb all the amazing flavors and to keep a perfect texture.


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