Who is Cheryl Echevarria and Why is She a Travel Adviser!

Okay, who is Cheryl Echevarria and why is she a travel adviser. People ask this all the time, and I have taken the time to write in this blog about me and why I do what I do. That way, you can try and understand who my clients are, and how we are different from the internet and other travel agents.

Well, here we go, and maybe you will keep reading, maybe you will learn something, we all learn something everyday, and you may not. That is fine, we hope you will share and refer us to your friends and family, also take the time to say hello and post a comment. Please be kind though.

Cheryl Echevaria, that’s me below. As you can see, I am holding a white cane. Yes, I am legally blind.

Cheryl Echevarria on the main deck of Disney Dream Cruise Lines
Cheryl Echevarria on the main deck of the Disney Dream

I became legally blind as an adult back in 2001,from complications from TYPE 1 Diabetes some know it as Juvenile Diabetes, but anyone can have type 1, I became diabetic at 10 years old. Also, I am kidney transplant patient for almost 15 years. So, I have had many issues with my health over a long period of time. But that doesn’t stop me.

Prior to me becoming disabled in 2001, I have had a long love of travel. From having a really wonderful teacher in 5th and 6th grade that encouraged us to learn geography, not only in books, but where on the map they were.

Also, I am only 3rd generation born in the US, which for some that might not seem great, but I grew up knowing my grandparent and great-grandparents that came from places like Romania (Bucharest) and also from the Ukraine. Which I knew more about, and I remember my great-grandmother (Dora) Bubbie, speaking in broken English (Yiddish and a little English).

Languages also intrigued me, also books; food (I love trying new foods and finding out where they came from. As well as, history and so much more. I have so many interests, that when I was little I read everything. Some of my favorite writers were James A. Michener; who has many works on history and location like Sayonara; Hawaii and another great novel Centennial

Another great writer that inspires me to even today is Earnest Hemingway (Papa), who was an American living in Spain during World War I and wrote of the stories of the soldiers and their lives, as well as, the country side and living in that beautiful country. He also lived in the island county of Cuba and wrote about that place, and things there. That wanted me to go and visit them.

The other influence is my father, Melvyn Sherman. He served in Vietnam, when I was being born; but he had photos and brought back things and pictures from Japan, when he was on furlough. That has given me a passion for that part of the world as well.

me and my daddy
me and my daddy in 1988

So, you know a little bit about my internal works, I hope you keep reading and learn further about why I travel and why I want to change the world for those who would love to experience things beyond themselves. You might be saying, he she didn’t say much accept about herself and books, etc. But more is coming.

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