Who is Cheryl Echevarria and Why She Travels: Post 2 Disney Destinations

Video is from our Anniversary Trip to Walt Disney World in 2016. This is Disney Springs on the Amphicar

Okay, my first posting in this series was about who I am, Cheryl Echevarria. Well mostly, what I am made up of anyway.

Travel is my passion, as well as, my husband, Nelson’s.

But for many reasons, I started my travel agency, Echevarria Travel, back in 2008.  That over 10 years.

While reading these posts you will find out, what kind of travel we offer. In this case, it will tell you if, we are a good fit.

Okay, our first passion is Family Travel!!

My first experience traveling with my family, was in 1976. My grandmother, had just passed away after a long illness, and my grandfather moved to West Palm Beach, Fl; to be closer to his sisters.

My father took us all, my mother; and my sister to visit him after moving down there.

I don’t remember West Palm Beach much. But I do remember, that we stayed for a week up in Orlando, and to places like the now non-existing Stars Hall of Fame, which was similar to Madame Tussauds Museum. I have to find that album and try to upload some cute photos of me and my sister.

Anyway, we stayed a Howard Johnson’s and went to Walt Disney World. You have to remember, if you can, back in 1976, Walt Disney World, wasn’t the 4 theme parks; 26 now building 28 on property resorts, Disney Springs, and so much more. It was just the Magic Kingdom, with main resorts around the monorail that this time. It was also the Bi-Centennial of the United States, 200th Anniversary.

On my goodness, did we love this, still do, that is why we moved to the Central Florida area, about 10 miles from the main entrance of the gate to our favorite place in the world. 

I cry when I see the gates with Mickey and Minnie welcoming us. It reminds me of that family vacation.

The memories of my grandfather with me and my mother in the Dumbo ride, he he he! We got stuck in it.  Or me riding the Haunted Mansion ride with daddy. Meeting Winnie-the-Pooh at the Crystal Palace Restaurant, and of course, meeting Mickey Mouse and having so much more.

So, we love and enjoy making these similar experiences come true for those looking to go to the Disney Destinations around the World.

What we always tell our clients is to plan, plan and plan some more! Don’t say I want to go to a place like Walt Disney like in a week. That wont work. These is so much into planning a trip here and working with a travel advisor, who knows the ins and outs, not just for families, but for couples, and groups and so much more!

Travel is a luxury and our children, are just children just for a little while. Enjoy this time with them. Let Echevarria Travel know how we can help you. If you are thinking of going to any of the theme parks and resorts; cruises and world wide destinations of Disney. Let us know, as soon as it pop into your head, and don’t wait. You will be very surprise.

Let us know what you think in the comments area.

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