Who is Cheryl Echevarria and Why She Travels – Slideshow of the Week

This weeks slideshow video is from our day at Port Canaveral on March 31, 2019.

This is the Exploration Tower.

We love getting out locally to bring you things to do locally here in Central Florida.

I will be offering a video shortly as well from this event.

The tower is just 7 floors. The top floor is the observation area, where you can see the cruise lnes, navy port, Cape Canaveral on launch days.

6th is the NASA Space Area

5th is the education area where you can view the history of area by video.

4th is conferece and events area. It is nice for a small wedding or business conference

1st and 2nd floor nice observation snd learning area plus small cafeteria area.

Price $6 adults $3 kids Seniors $4.

You can walk around the park and enjoy the day. Nice and quiet or walk to the pier for a seafood lunch or a Banana River Boat tour.

Let us know what you think in the comments area. Or set up a 20 minute consultation on your next travel destination

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