Who is Cheryl Echevarria and Why She Travels: Who are our clients. Special Needs and Disabled

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SNG – Certified Accessible Travel Advocate

For many years, travel advisers, used to offer all clients everything to everyone not matter what the type of travel it is. Whether it is just booking airfare, when we used to have access directly to the airlines and print you out your tickets right then and their in our storefronts to the clients that wanted to do that lifetime experience to Japan or a Transatlantic Cruise.

Now a days, travel advisers, like myself and nelson, specialize in a few niches (meaning, a certain location or demographic). Such as River Cruise; Luxury Travel; Family Travel; Beer and Wine Tours, Baby Boomers, and so much more!

We offer a few types of specialties. Today I am going to be talking about our disabled travelers, and then I will follow up with special needs travelers. They are 2 different categories. But a client can have have a Special Need and a disability or just a special need without a disability.

First a little background on Cheryl Echevarria and why I went into this type of service.

I was diagnosed at the age of 11 with Type 1 Diabetes, almost 40+ years ago this was not only a disability, due to the fact, that there wasn’t much knowledge and medical treatments like their are today, in fact, it is still the #1 cause of Kidney Failure; Blindness; High Blood Pressure; amputees, and so much more, and at one point many of us couldn’t get driver’s licenses, etc.

So, I have been through the wringer with my health for years, but I traveled, we planned, and made sure of diet and more.

But for now, let’s just say, I had a special need, I needed to make sure I could eat and drink, make sure it wasn’t to hot or to cold when we traveled. When I got tired we rested, etc. Plan, Plan, plan.

In 2001 at the age of 35, I had developed diabetic retinopathy

Today, I can only see out of 1 eye, and my other is very blurred so I am considered legally blind.

At the same time, if found out that I was going into Kidney Failure and was on dialysis for 3 years, in 2005; I had a life saving Kidney Transplant. That was almost 16 years ago, So now, not only do I have a special need, but I also have a disability.

I found out the hard way when wanting to travel again, how uneducated that the travel industry is. Some try to combine both and if they here a special need, they think wheelchair accessibility. They might not think hey, are you diabetic or maybe have a food allergy; maybe you are LGBTQ; or maybe you are gluten free, etc. That is a special need, someone that needs a little extra service in their trip, so they can eat, sleep, be respected in their own bodies, etc. Not put into one category.

Working with a travel professional knows what those issues are and can take care of a client respectfully and make sure they can enjoy their travel without having any issues, is important to us.

Who are are clients:

We offer our dedicated service to those wanted to do full vacation travel destinations, by land or by sea. Echevarria Travel clients are those wanted to explore this world with all senses and experiences.

Whether you have a special need, a disability, LGBTQ, Baby Boomers, and even if you don’t. We want to make sure travel experience just that an experience.

Most of our clients are 30+ years and older, but we have done Family Vacations to multi generational groups.

We also offer, escorted group travel that we offer privately to your our clients, and you can invite those interested throughout the USA, or we can do your own personal group, with your friends and family. Let us know, again, we service all US Residents, not just here in FL.

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