Did You Know Friday? Now is the time of year to get more economical airfare

Hello everyone!

You know I had to start this with our very favorite destination and is now the number 1 destination in the World! Walt Disney World. We are so lucky we can live here and okay break my arm to head over to Disney, No I don’t want to do it not again, LOL! To check out the latest and greatest options for you and your families.

I posted in the video the difference between Walt Disney World and Disneyland, and the big difference is 43 square miles of area here in Florida vs. the California location. Both are really wonderful places, but so much more to see and do here in Orlando then CA. We haven’t seen it all ourselves, even when we do, they change and update it.

If you are starting to plan for your travel experiences for the rest of 2019-2020 now is the time through October to start looking and booking airfare and deposits for your trips.

We would just like to throw out there, that we no long book airfare! Why, you say? Because with some many options out there that it is more economical to book direct with the airlines then through us. We used to be able to do so without charging clients a fee for this service, but for the last 10 years if you book airfare directly with a travel agent, our hands are tied and we have to pay to plan with airlines, so we have to charge clients for this service, and we don’t charge for planning your travel and why should we charge you for the airfare.

That being said, if you book a full travel package either with the cruise line, tour operator, and other options and that is part of your package we will let you know and no you will not be charged by us for that option, if this sounds confusing, please call and ask us for more information.

Why? Because it is slow season, many people are heading back to school and work, and especially with the airlines, you can get a better rate then any other time of the year.

Tour operators are looking to fill empty spaces, and those looking for Spring Break; graduation; honeymoons; and other celebrations during the high season you can start booking now, and get that option you want and the offers are better then waiting until the last minute and get the slim pickings.

Last year over 18 million Americans traveled by air then any other time in history.

Did you know Friday
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