Dear Cheryl – Travel Adviser.

Hello and Happy New Year readers. Cheryl Echevarria here. I am looking for your assistance to make this work.

Many people have asked to me write a column about does and don’ts about travel, and then someone said why don’t you do something like Dear Abby or Ann Landers. Do a Dear Cheryl Blog.

Well, I am going to do it!

What I need your help with is content. I am looking for your questions that you would like about travel. These questions can be about traveling with children, seniors, people with disabilities. retired military. Or other topics like what is the best etiquette for traveling on a cruise ship, or may be when traveling to a new country, some countries burping is a sign of good food. Nothing travel related will be off topic, but keep it clean.

Being a travel professional and certified in many destinations across the world, we have tons of knowledge. Plus if there is a link to proof and not just “fake news”. We will bring you that information as well.

Tank you.

FYI, we will only use your first name and first letter of your last name and where you are from.

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