Dear Cheryl: Are passports required on cruises, I hear different answers. Please help!

Dear Cheryl:

My family is planning our annual family vacation. We have not cruised yet and looking at a few options. We have seen various answers about passport information, but a little confused, should we invest in one, since we are only going round trip from a U.S. State.

Thank you

Janet c from Brentwood, NY

Good morning Janet:

Thank you for writing about passports, many people are very confused since the cruise lines confuse us as well and always changing their rules.

Passports in general are used anytime you leave the U.S.A; please remember that the Bahamas; Mexico; the Caribbean; Panama; etc are not US Territories and that the only destinations are considered passport free locations are: U.S. Virgin Island (Puerto Rico; St. Thomas; St. John or Guam in the Pacific everyone else are friendly territories but at not part of the USA.

That all being said, cruise lines offer closed-loop cruises which starts and finishes at the same U.S. port and only sails to Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Bermuda. For these cruises, you do not need a passport for re-entry into the U.S., but it’s possible that some of the countries along your journey will require a passport for entry. These rules are starting to change. Many counties along with way to these islands you will need a passport: Panama (now requires U.S. Passports; Dutch Virgin Islands require passport; St. Martin (Including St. Martin and Martinique). We will always post on our contracts and also the supplier contracts (please read both, they will have on them. We are only here to recommend and give you the correct information it is up to you to get the documentation that you.

We always recommend traveling with a passport, should you have any medical or in some cases you are behaving badly on your cruise; you do not get back to your cruise on time from and excursion and your cruise line is waving to you from the middle of the Atlantic. We recommend this because you are going to have to find a way home, and you cannot fly without it.

A side note: Passport Cards are only used from Driving from the US Boarder into either Canada or Mexico; you must get Passport Book which lasts 10 years for all other travel and yes, even babies need passports. Also, if you find that you are stuck in a location without a Passport, and it is the weekend or a holiday in that country. You will have to wait until the U.S Consulate or Embassy to reopen.

When all else fails contact your Destination Travel Concierge Specialists Cheryl and Nelson Echevarria, we can help by contacting the cruise lines for you. Remember things are always changing and we recommend you rely on a real person to get you the answers vs. going through tons of information online and wasting hours of you time.

Thank you.

Please comment below, we welcome it. Also to contact Echevarria Travel: Your Destination Travel Concierge Specialists; serving our clients since 2008. Remember, we offer Free travel planning services. Save between 6-22 hours in travel planning by spending 20 minutes with us.

Contact us at 407-910-6469 (none text number); and sign up to receive information via email or social media

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