Dear Cheryl: I need help keeping healthy when traveling what do you recommend?

Dear Cheryl:

I need help with staying healthy while traveling, what do you recommend?

I am getting this questions a lot especially with Flu season and the Coronavirus.

Just a little heads up before I continue. There are tons of false information on where the virus is and where it isn’t. Fake News

:Nelson and I are not doctors, or the government. We get out information from ; CDC; and WHO – World Health Organization. A good travel adviser will keep you updated on your travel plans, and answer your questions respectfully, etc.

Don’t Do When Planning

In general when out in the public, these things you should not do or not advised!

  1. Do not go out and get those surgical masks! Why you say! These masks are used in a medical setting and was never an option for the public. These masks are to prevent you or me from spreading an illness not protect you from something. They were made for a 1 time use only and throw out. You will also see signs in your doctors officer especially during flu season, that if you have symptoms, they will give you one so you do not get people in waiting room and staff members sick. Hospital workers or medical staff who have not had the flu shot, they are required to wear a mask.
  2. Do not go barefoot on an airplane. Yucky! Or in your socks. That water on the floor in the bathroom is not water. Got it.
  3. Do not talk to others around you, if you are sick, it will spread around the plane. You are not being rude, you are staying safe.
  4. If you can, opt to wear glasses in flight. The air in the cabin is very dry and can cause irritation to your eyes.
  5. Don’t turn off the air vent over your seat If the air makes you chilly, it might be a good idea to throw on a sweatshirt rather than turn off the vent. Doctors recommend that the adjustable air over your seat should be set to medium or high in flight so that any airborne germs can be blown away
  6. Most of these are for airline safety, again it can be used with all travel and interactions with others
  7. Do not sneeze, cough, etc into your elbow or other forms of body
  8. Do not wear heavy perfume or cologne. When you travel the smell may change in a pressurized cabin, it can also make another passenger quite ill and that can cause the person to vomit, and that smells stays the whole time on the plane or other forms of transportation.
  9. Don’t touch you face – While most people think you get sick from germs entering your mouth, you are actually far more likely to get sick from germs entering your eyes and nose
  10. Do not touch that seat pocket in front of you. They are not cleaned out and you don’t know what bacteria is in there.

Tips on how to stay safe while traveling!

  1. I cannot say this enough WASH YOUR HANDS, and often. Why? Washing your hands properly can help prevent the spread of the germs (like bacteria and viruses) that cause these diseases. Some forms of gastrointestinal and respiratory infections can cause serious complications, especially for young children, the elderly, or those with a weakened immune system.
  2. I highly recommend prior to travel, that you visit your doctor, and make sure everything is a okay.
  3. Make sure you have hand organizers with you. I recommend the wipes vs. the bottles, fits wells in carry on. and use it for when and family go. Clean your seat on the airplane. You need to clean your seat, and th e back of the seat in front of you. The food try, and of course when you go to the public bathrooms. If you want to save money and make your own. click here
  4. Make sure you have tissues, handkerchiefs , especially if you and family members have coughs, sneezing, colds, etc.
  5. Get Plenty of Sleep prior to your trip.
  6. Eat well (take vitamin supplements to boost the immune system)
  7. Stay hydrated and bring your own bottle.

Readers we welcome your comments and if you have more tips on this subject we would like to hear them as well. We would love to hear from you for our Dear Cheryl Column. Submissions are accepted at only. Thank you

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