Sharing Our Youtube Virtual Tour Videos

Good morning everyone! We realize that everyone is in the same boat of staying home and relying on virtual events; or binge watching Netflix or Hulu or your favorite Streaming channel. I mean, even myself with missing out on Major League Baseball; and yes we also cannot travel.

We definitely are not being insensitive to these issues or not being able to travel or posting tons of sales options in your faces, etc. Nelson and I, never did bombard clients like that in the first places.

But with a youtube page of videos we have for the last 12 years, we definitely took these for our clients to learn more about places and how to get there and what to do once you get there.

We have been posting these on our Facebook page ( We try and mix them up a little bit. Please remember some of them are old, meaning shaky camera or contact information. Since we move from Brentwood, Long Island, NY back in 2016 to Kissimmee, FL but please remember, prior to the covid-19 issues, we have always helped clients plan their dream vacations from all across the USA. We have always had video chatting options first from skype and now from zoom. We also do telephone chats, and of course email. We do not rely on texting, because since working with any real business, you should have a papertrail; so only form of communication other than the phone is by email. Even by email we copy and verify what we talked about, so that we are all on the same page.

So anyway, today’s video is from April 24, 2012. This was a cruise we did on the Norwegian Jewel from New York City to Orlando and Bahamas Cruise. This was a Fundraiser event we did for the Long Island Chapter of JDRF; which we raised $1000 for that chapter. I hope you enjoy and keep following us

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