People Who Are On Kidney Dialysis That Love to Travel

If you are on Facebook. I have created a group just for those people who are on kidney dialysis. The link is here

This group is for patients on hemodialysis; peritoneal dialysis; in center or at home; and caregivers. 18 years and only only and US Citizens and English postings only, other languages will be removed. Everyone needs to know what you are saying.

I created this group, because I myself am a dialysis patient. Back in 2001 at the age of 35, I found out that my kidneys were failing and that I needed a transplant or go on dialysis. I did post PD and Hemo until 2005 when I received a non-related living donor transplant, from my dear friend, Steve!

One of the reasons that I started Echevarria Travel back in 2008 to many myths out there about traveling with a disability and health issues. Being type 1 diabetes since the age of 12 I have dealt with multiple of issues, but they never stopped me from living my life. I am a survivor. But, when I was on dialysis I was very ill all the time, unless I was on PD. Some people are able to work and travel while on dialysis. As long as they can plan far enough ahead with their centers to get a seat at the location they are visiting. Are well enough to travel, and have health insurance that allows them to do so.

So invite your friends and family that this group would be of interest. You also learn more as well. Just because someone has an illness or a disability, doesn’t mean we stop our lives.

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