Dream of travel: Write a bucklist

Good morning and Happy Easter or Passover, or just Happy Sunday, to you all.

I will be posting about Dream Vacation ideas, over the next few days. Hopefully, it will keep travel in your mind, whether or not you are able to do so, when the pandemic is over or going to save for that special events, but do not wait to long for that. because as we have seen life is to short. Remember, those like parents, grandparents and more, when you want to travel. We want to spend the time with you, and keep close.

Write a bucket list:

We’re probably all dreaming of taking a trip right now, and once we’re able to travel again, there will be a lot of destinations that need tourism. While you’re stuck at home, start a new bucket list or update it if you’ve already got one.

Maybe you love to travel the wonders of the world or discover incredible destinations off the beaten track. You could even get on Instagram to find some beautiful travel pictures for inspiration. Where will you go next? See our photos below from our hosted trip to the National Parks. We are planning on heading back in 2021. Let us know if you are interested, we will add you to the list; when we get dates and pricing.

Set up a 20 minute consultation with us via phone or zoom, and we will help with ideas No hard sales from us, us here to help and never a fee for working with Echevarria Travel. Reservations@echevarriatravel.com or 407-910-6469

Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah
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