Dream of Travel: 2. Plan your next trip

That’s correct start planning for your next trip. We have learned a lot from Corona. How we treat one another, how we live, manners, and how we travel. Everything is going to be new to some. Others, this will be “well I have been doing this all the time.”

In the same token, have fun with your planning. We can help with the pricing in your budget, but don’t let the financial be the only point of your trip. There can be that bucket list trip to see the Cherry Blossoms and Pagoda of Japan, then plan this. Read up on the culture and do’s and don’ts, maybe learn a few words, not the whole language, but a few to show you care about the place and the people you picked for your journey.

Nelson and I, try to send as much information and advise as possible when we work with you our clients. From making sure you are healthy enough to travel, if you get sick before make sure you see your doctor or have travel insurance, because you will definitely not be allowed to travel, if you are sick. This is going to be standard with airlines, cruises, trains, etc.

Also, if you are of a certain age, you might have to get a health certificate from a physician, same with disabilities, etc.

So when planning these things, we must now take into consideration.

Also, make sure when you do book a trip, that you get used to reading the policies and procedures of the travel vendors we use, from cancellation policies, and more. Many people were shocked during this time that they couldn’t get money back, etc. Many of the travel partners did offer cancellation credits and refunds, but in a normal time, this is not going to happen.

I myself am very on top of this with all of you; and for future clients. We will make sure you understand the information, but we are not you, so you need to be aware of your information.

Remember we are opened. We have always offered Virtual Consultations to any US Citizen, especially those of you that might need extra planning like retired military, disabled and more. Our preferred clients are those that have time to travel anytime of the year, of all activity levels.

We never charge fees. Contact us at reservations@echevarriatravel.com to set up you 20 minute consultation.

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