Dream of Travel: Stare at some of the world’s most beautiful destinations

Blarney Castle, Ireland

Staring at the most beautiful icons or landmarks of the World. There are plenty of places we can go and look at either from our memories of the places we have visited or dream of visiting. Whether it is in photo albums, or Facebook, Instagram and other other social media pages. This will bring some wonderful calming thoughts in our lives, and help in planning future travel.

One of my dream destinations is going to Ireland and kissing the Blarney Stone.

What is your favorite photo of a past travel experience or one for the future.

Here are some ideas to get you started for Spring 2021

Grand Canyon, USA; New York City (especially the Skyline and Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island); Canadian Rocky Mountains (By train); St. Augustine, FL (First city in the United States)

Provence, France – From Paris to Provence, France is a classic Europe Springtime destination. The best time to explore the country is spring before the crowds and heat arrive with summer. You’ll get to see the sweeping lavender fields, lush vineyards, pine forests and olive groves of Provence, while the French Riviera sparkles in the sunlight.

Lavender Fields of Provecne, France

Crete, Greece –

The beauty of the Greek Islands is no longer a secret, with the peak summer season drawing large crowds. But if you want to experience the Aegean without the tourists and blistering heat, choose Greece as your next Springtime destination in Europe.

You’ll still find dreamy beaches, dazzling blue water and charming villages – but without the heat and crowds. Crete is particularly gorgeous, as over 1,700 species of wildflowers and plants burst into life across the island. Go exploring through the mountain meadows to find fragrant blooms and wild herbs.

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