Dream of Travel: Get Cooking On Recipes from the Countries You Want To Visit

From Greece at the Parthenon

Oh yes, with many options on the internet from the audible books and videos on Youtube; get cooking some of the dishes of the country or countries you want to visit. Same with drinking. I am not saying become an alcoholic, lol, there are also some great non alcoholic options for you as well. We want to hear from your where is your favorite destination for food and drink that you have visited, give us the names of dishes you ate or your favorite drink. Here are some recipes from around the world to get you started. Comment below.

One of our lists of places we are planning on visiting is Greece! With all that history, food and drink, from different cultures from Romans, Greeks, Turks and so much more. Greece has something for everyone.

Below I have posted from the Greek Tourism Board 2 videos, and if you are interested in Greece, visit their page for other options about visiting, then let Echevarria Travel help you plan this great dream vacation for you. During this time of uncertainty the have a new series called #Greecefromhome. Their youtube.com channel is Visit Greece.

The first one for you wine lovers. Ted Lelekas talks about Wine tasting Retsina, the real wine of Greece.

The second one is how to make Greek Tzatziki Sauce (Cucumber and Yogurt Sauce) by Chef Akis Petretzi

If you are interested in visit Greece with me and Nelson, keep following us for future dates and more information about this wonderful country on our Facebook.com/Echevarriatravels page.

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