Dream of Travel: We All Need To Take Responsibility

We all need to take responsibility when we travel. Unfortunately, in the past we no matter where we live haven’t not done so, or this wouldn’t have happened.

Case in point, how many people travel when they are sick? From the Flu (we have vaccinations; measles (we have vaccinations); common cold; a stomach illness, and this has to stop.

People ask me as a travel agent, when do you think we can travel again, I say “I’m not sure our states have to open first”.

Being a person in the travel industry, I am not going to defend any particular travel options or destination; but the cruise lines; have always been clean and sanitizing every single day, before, during and after people are on the ships. Yes, the airlines need to fix how they clean their planes; resorts and hotels are also clean and must stick to certain standards. We don’t offer Motel 6 options, we are not that type of agency. We offer hotels and resorts that we know have a reputation of being clean.

That means, we the people say “we are all in this together”, so we need to practice what we preach. Meaning, don’t travel if you are sick; get a flu shot, get your vaccinations; cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze; where a mask if you are sick; wash you hands. All this said moving forward, you will not have a choice, and please if you are a client don’t tell me when you get to the airport or on a cruise ship, that you cannot get on because you have a temperature. They will not let you and you will not be able to get a refund on your travel options.

I don’t mean to sound mean and not empathizing on the issues. But we are living in a new World and have to follow the rules, we are not entitled.

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