Dream of Travel: Virtual Tours

Well we are all at home, waiting for our states and countries to open, so that we can travel again. Many tourism boards, and other travel related companies are offering virtual tours of the locations.

These are great planning tool options just to get away from the news on TV, and to enjoy the world we have available to us.

Forbes.com has a great article which link I will be share here, has some of the greatest wonders of our planet; from Antarctica – The world’s largest desert and home to 90% of the world’s fresh water, most of it frozen, a virtual trip to Antarctica is about as far from the comfort of your couch as you can get. Explore the frozen wilderness, its extraordinary wildlife and landmarks, from the rookeries of chinstrap penguins to the ceremonial flags planted at the South Pole by brave explorers. See too the legacy of man’s attempts at conquest, including Earnest Shackleton’s beautifully preserved Nimrod expedition base on Ross Island. By the way, if you want to go and visit we have a number of tour operators which I will be talking about in our Facebook live chats on http://www.Facebook.com/Echevarriatravels. So remember to like our page and follow us for the latest options. FYI, it is not as expensive as those might think.

To other destinations such as:

Grand Canyon; Great Barrier Reef; Galapágos Islands; Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights); Machu Picchu and so much more.

I mean really, some of the top destinations for 2021.

Our clients are the one who want to explore the world and also sit on the beach or enjoy a great glass of wine with friends. Life is to short, enjoy the world we live in. Come and chat with us, or let us start planning your next exploration dream vacation.

We would love to hear your comments below of your favorite destination you have been to or the one you want to visit.

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