I need to vent about something.

Hello everyone. I own a business for 13 years, I have been a mother for 30 years; a wife to my wonderful husband for 28 years. An American, born to 1st and 2nd Generation parents who their parents came from the Ukraine and Romania to get away from poverty and able to speak their mind and fight for our country and for what is right and wrong.

I am sure this post will not bring me any new customers, probably a few will leave and think I am nuts, etc. I apologize for us not having the same things in common, or ideas.

I am not writing this to be mean or nasty, I am not even in that frame of mind.

What is bothering me you say. Well I will tell you.

We have all been helping one another in this covid-19 pandemic; Ms. Corona, I call it, I mean she has a women’s name. Why not.

We thank the 1st responders; the doctors and nurses, who risk their lives for us. People making the masks, helping with shopping, looking after those who cannot look after themselves. It has been wonderful.

Now, that we are starting to re-open our state; country, other activities are opening again like theme parks. Other countries are opening again, but to a new normal.

Okay, here it comes. People think they are entitled to do what the heck they want.

I hear it when I tell a client that if you want to go to Walt Disney World or fly somewhere on vacation etc. They tell me, well I don’t want to wear a mast, no one can force me to. Or what do you mean I have to get a Corona test before I travel another one is well I am not going to self quarantine if I don’t get the test.

You are not entitle to get someone sick, unless you don’t care and want to spread diseases. I mean there are people who don’t vaccinate at all like for measles or polio (remember polio, of course not, there is a vaccination for it.

Yes, the state, country, theme park, etc can ask you these things and if you don’t attend to them, you cannot go there.

Some states do have 14 day self quarantine upon entering them

Some countries do require you wear a mask, and make sure you have had the testor you will be given it at the airports.

You will not be allowed in some places with a temperature

I finished ranting.

I now send you back to your regular day. Thank you for allowing me to do so.

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