Talk Travel with Cheryl for week ending July 3, 2020 with guest Kyle A. Davis from Integrity Financial Group.

Let Freedom Ring! Independence Day! Let’s Celebrate Those Who Fought For Our Freedom!

cFirst, I want to wish all my reading a happy 4th of July, whether or not you live in the USA or not. Yes, concept of the United States of America is 244 years old, and we compared to other countries in the world is the baby of the group. We get democracy from the Greeks, and language from 100s of countries; as well as, beautiful people of all shapes and sizes and so much more.

I also want to thank all those that came before, and that are now, protecting and serving our country from all walks of life. I have grandparents; aunts; uncles; that were not even born here, that fought for freedom. I have a father that went to a war in Vietnam, that we weren’t even suppose to be. Currently, we have 2 grandchildren active in the armed forces with their spouses; and 1 retired (Army; Navy and Marines), thank you for your service.

Talk Travel with Cheryl Show is back after a few years off the air. I am back stronger with more guests from the travel industry; as well as, those from my business networking area of Central Florida. Some can help all over the country and internationally as well, thought I would share the well and help each other out. We are all in this together with the new normal. Hope you will follow and subscribe and share with friends and family.

We are currently on most podcast stations, but especially, Spreaker; Spotify; Google Podcast. just search Talk Travel with Cheryl

Also our youtube channel video: Echevarria Travel Youtube

Talk Travel with Cheryl. This week’s guest is Mr. Kyle A. Davis from Integrity Financial Group. He is a financial planner, who specializes in working with Independent Contractors. Many businesses like ICs and Entrepreneurs do not have the luxury of working for big companies that offer retirement opportunities, and Kyle can help in these situations. We also chat about his favorite places he has traveled to especial Las Vegas. Cheryl Echevarria 407-910-6469 Contact us for a virtual consultation by appointment only. To reach Kyle: Mention you heard him on Talk Travel with Cheryl His mission statement: Mission We deliver clear cut unique ideas that REALLY get the job done. Stop stressing over money once and for all. Financial planning really can be a no-fail proposition if you’re working with the correct strategies. hours 9-5 Monday – Friday EST Closed weekends and holidays 407.271.8029

Next Friday’s show, July 10, 2020, my guest is Julia Glick, Business Development Manager from the newest and hottest cruise lines at sea. Virgin Voyages, that’s right the newest ship Scarlet Lady will be sailing hopefully in October 2020 out of Miami, FL. She was supposed to sail this past April, but now is holding off until October. The created from the my sexiest man in business and is by the way the same age as my hubby Nelson, they both are turning 70 on July 10th what about that I didn’t even realize until now. Great scheduling.

Please keep following; please read; please share; please subscribe; and please be kind to one another.

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