How about a French Dinner To Get You In That Travel Planning Mood

As the title of the post says. “How about a French Dinner To Get You In the Travel Planning Mood”

I got a great recipe from Star Clippers, which are small tall ships for that different type of sailing, not the Mass Market cruise but a Yacht.

Elegan and beautiful doesn’t mean expensive and out of reach type of trip. If you wish it, we can help you plan for it. Ahh, looks great doesn’t it, Luxury and Class comfort. I like a little more in my travel, it is nice to have the special options.

I ave a video below.

The sail the Caribbean; Panama Canal; Ocean Crossings; Mediterranean and Southeast Asia.

Pricing for the Caribbean when you book by August 1, 2020 for sailing January 2021 is $1099 per person double occupancy.

Fillet of Trout
Dear Sailing Friends,   Happy Wednesday! Today, we are sharing Chef Bernd’s recipe for Sautéed Fillet of Trout with Almond Butter. This is a French classic that is so simple and so delicious. The delicate flavors of trout and almonds blend beautifully. Bon appétit!
Sautéed Fillet of Trout with Almond Butter

This recipe serves 4
• 2 lbs Fresh Trout fillets
• ¼ cup Flaked Almonds
• 7 tbsp Butter
• Flour
• Salt and Pepper
• 1 lemon cut in quarters
• 8 chives
PREPARATION: Wash the trout fillets, dry with paper towel, season and lightly dust with flour.   Sauté with butter until the fish is nicely brown. To keep them nice and juicy cook the skin side first until the fish starts to change color then turn the fillet over and sauté for five more seconds and then it is cooked.   Place the fillets on a serving plate. Add the rest of the butter and the almond flakes to the pan and toast until golden brown. Cover the fish fillet with the almonds and serve. Garnish with lemon quarters and chives.   TIP: This dish can also be served with mashed potatoes or polenta. You can replace the trout fillets with another type of fish.

For more information on Star Clipper Yacht Cruising, please contact us at or 407-910-6469 and we can show you a different way to enjoy life.

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