Talk Travel with Cheryl: This week’s guest, Ms. Ariane Lewis, Clubmed

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Good morning everyone.

Today’s Talk Travel Show with Cheryl, is all about Clubmed which offers all inclusive properties Worldwide, not just the Caribbean and Mexico.

Some bragging right that some clients have had is skiing in locations such as Japan: French and Swiss Alps, and soon opening Canadian Skiing. We all know how expensive skiing can be, and they offer all inclusive options.

If you are not a cold person, they also have locations in 30 countries including Cefalu, Italy (Sicily): Opio en Provence, France; Dominican Republic; Japan; United States – that’s right the true only all inclusive property in the United States, located in Port St. Lucie, FL, just 90 minutes from the Orlando area or 45 minutes from Miami/Ft. Lauderdale area.

My guest, Ariane Lewis and I discussed the newest safety measures that they have taken place no only here in the USA but their worldwide destinations. I mentioned 30 countries earlier, and they are actively opening new properties at least 15 more from Canada and Europe through 2021, including their newest property in the Caribbean.

NEW – Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda will be reopening its doors on December 5, 2020.**
To ensure that you enjoy your Club Med vacation with total peace of mind, we have implemented additional hygiene and safety protocols. Let’s play again in Club Med Michès Playa Esmeralda! Contact Echevarria Travel to arrange for you travel options.

More on that property in another post.

Hope you enjoy the video, we did have some technical issues with the video she had, but I will post that video below on their safety issues. We would love to hear your comments on Talk Travel with Cheryl, and what you may want to see in the future.

new and updated hygiene service with all clubmed properties

We are also actively planning small group events for 2021 including as mentioned, we are taking deposits for our Alaska Cruise for August 2021 and we are looking for interested people who want to see the Southern States of the USA, which include St Augustine (the oldest city in the USA); Savannah, GA and Charleston, SC. this is going to be a 7 day trip in April 2021, please send interest to

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