Just like all of us, we are different, so is the cruise line industry

i had to write about this after having posted something to my Facebook page and a contact replied and had only his ideas of cruising, which is great, he likes all this stuff on the cruise ships or does he.

Americans still do not really get cruising; people in other countries like the Europeans, Asians; Africans and I don’t want to miss people from Down Under.

This is just my opinion, don’t shoot the messenger; but after 14 years of working in my love of travel with you all. I feel I have to educate everyone. That there are many different styles of travel and many options out there.

In this case, cruising.

Yes, we see on all the tv commercials or hear from our friends and family, that they went on a cruise. Now depending on their lifestyle, these can be different experiences

https://www.carnival.com/domain/explore/dining/big-chicken.aspxThere are the Mass Market Cruise Lines – which means for anyone who wants to travel solo, couples, families, groups, etc. Sometimes I hear about their trips, it doesn’t sound like a cruise get away, its sounds like a nonstop party, a theme pars, eating food from people like Guy Fieri or Shaquille O’Neal, which by all means are good people to have as spokespeople for your company.

Or you like zip lining across the decks; water parks galore; Walking the planks, and now on Norwegian they have racetrack car driving on the upper decks.

Again, these are great options for people, but not everyone thinks this the way they want to spend their vacation or idea of cruising

There are Mass Market lines, premium lines and luxury lines and no you don’t have to be a millionaire to enjoy any of these options.

When I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, a vacation was a luxury, not we weren’t poor, but like today, families have bills to be pay and school to go to. but everyone needs that time to enjoy life. Plan it out, and ask the questions, and look for maybe different.

Here are some examples of what some of my other clients like when they cruise, and you can put this in an all inclusive option or even the destination.

I had a client, who wanted to try a cruise and after hearing their daughter-in-law say they kids loved the cruise, but she couldn’t find a lounge chair, the music was too loud all the time, and just want to have better food then what she had expecting. The clients, that i had spoken to about this. I asked them, what is their dream of cruising.

Being a little older, and liking a more adult option. I suggested a Holland American Cruise sailing, they wee a little uneasy and so I was until they came home.

Now names like Holland, Princess, Celebrity, Virgin Voyages (no kids sailing under 18) and even MSC. These cruise lines can be the safe or a little bit more in spending.

Now, client opted in for Balcony option, they liked the idea of sleeping in, and having coffee before heading out for the day.

Found music and entertainment on the ship geared to what they liked such as BB Kings; and Billboard Club; they didn’t have to wait until the late show to hear a comedian do an adult act. They had great food from chefs such as Masterchef winner Kirsten Kish. Just an FYI, Holland also is the only cruise lines that has a culinary council.

But there are other cruise lines out there, like Holland, that have chefs like Jacques Pepin; Curtis Stone; and Morimoto just to name a few.

Echevarria Travel works with all clients, but mostly our preferred clients just want a little more, when they travel and not spend a lot more.

I want to apologize for not being the best content writer, but we do want to get you all out and traveling your dreams.

More information on this topic coming about spas; accommodations; destinations, and more. Stay tuned, we want to hear from you please comment, hopefully not on my grammar, but you ideas. maybe myths about traveling.




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