Learn All About Who Cunard Cruise Lines is with Cheryl on the latest edition of Talk Travel with Cheryl

Good morning everyone. Cunard Cruise Lines who are they. You never heard their name before. Well What about the Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Victoria Cruise ships. The most affordable luxury liners in the world. They have been sailing for 180 years.

If you are interested in that golden age of cruising, or what to have new options for you in travel, then let us help you learn more.

Cunard has served in our history here in the USA with our ancestors coming over from Europe and other parts of the world and immigrating here in NY.

Cunard also took over the most famous cruise line in history White Star which was the company that owned the Titanic.

If you are thinking that this is too stuff or to rich for your blood think again. Cunard was the first cruise line to implement kids class and travel. First to offer life jackets on their ships. First and only cruise line that has a kennel just for cats and dogs. So much more in the firsts.

Also if you are the person that wants to go to Europe but you hate to Fly; the Queen Mary sails multiple times of the year a transatlantic sailing from New York City to Southampton, England or Hamburg, Germany, one way, and then stay in Europe for a week or 2 and then sail back or do a 14 day round trip. So many things to do an learn on your voyage. You can drive to NY or take the Amtrak or Bus to NY.

Are you into Ballroom dancing; let Echevarria Travel know, Cunard is known for having the largest dance floors at sea and many schools and group love to do their ballroom competition on these ships.

Check out the many itinerary and other options that Cunard has to offer.

In my interview with Steve Smotrys’, Vice President of Sales and Trade with me.

For more information. Contact me at reservations@ehcevarriatravel.com or 407-910-6469

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