Cocktail of the Week: Chocolate Milk Cocktail

Yes, we are off to the wonderful Island of Jamaica, they are having many people from the USA visiting during the new normal, and they got it down to a science to help me and my client have a very safe vacation. Please reach out to your Jamaican Specialists Nelson and myself. I a little update, we are putting of the trip to Puerto Rico at the moment due to the spike in Corona Virus their stay tuned for a planned trip later in the year or 2022,

Okay as mentioned, I am on my Jamaica kick, we love this Island County and yesterday, we learned all about the area of Port Antonio. which before people knew about Montego Bay and Ocho Rios; Port Antonio was the number one area to go in the Caribbean. Due to the banana plantation and the waterfalls and of course the movie stars that went their. Like Errol Flynn (If you are too young to know who he was, he played “Robin Hood” and he was also Spencer Christan, in the original “Mutiny of the Bounty”. When he saw the bamboo rafts bringing bananas and other things on this beautifully made boats, he worked out with the locals to start offering excursions. Nelson and I have done the one on the Martha Brae, which I will put below here back in 2014. But this one is longer about 2 hours and more beautiful. Your own relaxing paradise and very safe, plus you get to stop for lunch and drinks and so much more.

We also learned that our favorite children drink and like myself, I love a good Chocolate Milk, every once in a while. But, did you know that it was invited on the Island of Jamaica.

Jamaicans have been making Chocolate Tea, which is made with the Cocoa Nibs of the cocoa bean that has been dried; ground up and made into sticks or balls. You steep the balls for about 4-5 minutes in a quart of water, makes enough for 4-5 people, if making so yourself, follow the recipes. I am putting the link from another blogger and hope you will enjoy.

Recipe for Chocolate Tea by Sians Cooking

You can also purchase Jamaican Chocolate Balls on

But getting back to the Cocktail of the week. Yes, this has to do with the Chocolate tea of Jamaica.

Hans Sloane in 1680, he was a doctor in Jamaica working for the British Government. He tried the Chocolate tea and found it too strong for him, he added milk and some sugar and it became chocolate milk. Chocolate milk was even used as a medicine in Jamaica and in England.

So, now we know for more information, he is a link to the story.

Chocolate Milk Cocktail by own recipe – Cheryl Echevarria


  • 2 ozs Bailey’s Irish cream
  • 2 ozs kahlua (Coffee Liquor, you can skip this if you are not a coffee person)
  • 4 ozs chocolate milk I make mine with good unsweetened Cocoa and sugar (one teaspoon of each, and then make a little paste with the cream don’t pour all the cream in the cup until all the power and sugar are mixed well. then add the rest of the ingredients.
  • 1 oz vanilla vodka
  • ice
  • scoop of chocolate ice cream or whipped topping and grated chocolate (optional)

Pour all into a blender, and ahh. OMG!

Let me know if you like this.

Chery’s Chocolate Milk Cocktail
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